Occidentalist is a digital magazine that explores the relationship between lifestyle and metaphysics through poetry, articles and essays. We are seekers on a quest to live more consciously and sustainably.

We feature writers, artists, and producers who inspire us to live clean, shop ethically, and act with mindfulness.

Join us as we search for thought-provoking answers and alternatives.

Occidentalist has five sections: examine, enlighten, explore, heal, and an online shop that features our exclusive fashion label. All pieces are ethically produced by master artisans at the peak of their craft.

Enlighten (literature)

In this section we include pieces that inspire us and give us new insight.

Examine (analyses)

Under this section we take a closer look at our current views and way of thinking. This is also the home of pieces that highlight new or unique voices in our culture.

Explore (travel)

This is our eat/buy local and travel section where we feature beautiful finds from Houston and around the world.

Heal (mind body spirit)

General health topics for the mind body and spirit will be discussed here.  This is also where we share advice about innovative clean products for the home and body.