Explore – Fredericksburg TX: A Photo Journal

A few weeks ago, we took a road trip with some friends to Texas hill country.  We stayed in a Farm Haus outside of Fredericksburg, Texas. One day, we managed to visit Enchanted Rock State Park. After revisiting the photographs below, I thought I would share the following impressions.


Deep in hill country, my soul feels less constricted. I can breathe out here. With no skyscrapers on the horizon, my thoughts are limitless.

In fact, there is no need for thought when the eyes, nose and ears are filled with pure life, not it’s artificial imitation – street lights, man-made canals and ponds, endless pavement.

No. Here the light reflects on the rocks and everything is turned gold.



Everything but the sky, the palest blue and as we walk into the wild and finally turn back at twilight, the blue is tinged with pink and then inky blue, until all is black. A tremendous cloud has devoured every last inch of sky and it is not until we put the children to sleep that we walk out and see the transformation.

The bowl of the sky has turned into a kaleidoscope of stars and we, in our urban ignorance, having no mental map of these strange shapes (save the two we learned in grammar school, perhaps) have nothing to do but drink in the universe.

Another cloud looms on the horizon and again swallows each constellation, one by one. We retreat to the patio behind the house and build a fire and talk late into the night of things that are on our hearts and minds. Family dramas that are still etched deep in our chests, the path to the Infinite, our shortcomings and aspirations.

Too soon the next day we pack up and pull away. But the wind when it blew through the auburn grass is still in my minds’ eye. I carry it with me as I drive through these city streets.

by E Shittu