Ten Post-Partum Things


Baby lists are so personal.  There is probably nothing that I can suggest that will be universal, so instead, I will share a few of my favorite things that we have turned to time and again.

#8 Baby wearing

My babies, like all babies, loved being cuddled.  And we live in a very car-oriented city.  The few great urban spaces that are walkable are not at all handicap friendly, nor do I relish the idea of taking out a stroller and carseat to walk 10 paces to the restaurant and then awkwardly attempt to find a place for 3 square feet of gear, in a tightly packed eaterie.  We were very happy to wear our babies, especially as our brood grew.  Having other young children who needed to be active and wanted my attention, it was nice to keep my newborn happy next to mama, and have hands free.

For babies under 15 pounds, I highly recommend a sling. It’s super portable, you can fold it nice and small, it goes on in seconds, (unlike the more difficult wraps), and has another myriad uses. It can be a feeding cover in a pinch, it holds your baby for you when you need to feed her while your out, and it can be used as a light blanket.  I love the Hava sling.  It was designed by a Houston mama and has a couple of unique features that set it apart.  First, there is a shoulder pad for the shoulder on which the sling rests.  Second, the adjusting strap has two sides to it, so you can tighten the top or bottom separately.  In other words, instead of pulling fabric through the ring and tightening everything at once, you can tighten the part around your lower back or you can tighten the part that supports babies head, independently.

For bigger babies, my husband and I love the Ergo.  It’s a little known fact that a lot of baby carriers are less than ideal for babies back and alignment.  Anything that holds baby up by the crotch, with legs dangling should be avoided.  You want something that supports baby from the bum, with knees elevated a bit more than the bum ie “froggy position”.  Ergo does this, plus, it is one of the most comfortable backpack-style carriers.  It’s easy to get on and get baby in without an extra pair of hands, and provides a lot of support, so you can comfortably wear baby on a long hike.

#9 Rock n play

Possibly the simplest piece of baby equipment.  All three of my babies lived in this thing the first couple of months.  No need for a big crib or fancy pillow.  The shape cradles the baby, so it feels like she is being cuddled while she naps.  Her head is slightly elevated, which is safer for spit up situations.  Also, if she inadvertently moves while sleeping, it begins rocking, thus, lulling her back to sleep.  Finally, it’s super portable for afternoon visits at the in-laws or even a weekend stay at a hotel.

#10 Book Recommendation: Natural Baby and Childcare

Written by pediatrician and homeopath, Lauren Feder, I found this book to be really comprehensive.  The book covers topics, such as, sleep, teething and diet.  For novices to natural medicine, she provides a simple over view of homeopathic remedies, floral remedies and other therapies.   Finally, her section on acute illness is a really useful compendium that features many remedies you already have in your kitchen, like lemons or onions.

While breastfeeding and cleanliness go a long way toward keeping baby healthy, at some point in their young life they will get the sniffles, a fever, some upset tummies.  If you don’t want to spend unnecessary nights in the ER or have your pediatrician on speed dial, a few simple remedies will be a lifesaver in the middle of the night and this book is a great resource.